Thursday, May 2, 2013

Rock My Bed by Michelle Valentine

Everything always seems to fall into place for twenty-four year-old Aubrey Jenson, except for when it comes to her luck with men. Bad boys always draw her in and crush her heart, and Black Falcon’s lead guitarist, Riff, is no exception. After sharing a few wild nights together, she leaves him behind, knowing a guy like Riff isn’t the relationship type, merely just a play thing.

When she returns to New York, she tries to get the passion she felt in Riff’s arms out of her head by dating Isaac, a successful representative at Center Stage Marketing. Just when she thinks she’s forgotten Riff, she’s forced to see him again when her best friend, Lanie, ropes her into being a bridesmaid for her upcoming wedding to Black Falcon front man, Noel.

Sparks fly instantly between Aubrey and Riff when they’re forced to reunite, and suddenly she finds herself caught between the man that’s good for her and the one who completely rocks her in every way.

Chrissy's review

So most of you know that Michelle Valentine is one of my lady crushes. She has a way with drawing me in to a book and making me feel all the emotion from the characters. She did not fail me with this book! Holy Fuck I think I may love her just a little bit more if that's even possible. If I may be completely honest here Riff has always been my favorite from Black Falcon. Don't get me wrong I loved me some Noel but I've always been drawn to the bad boys that are living crazy fucked up lives to escape their tortured souls. There is just something about them that makes me want to crawl inside my kindle and hold them and umm let them have their way with my vagina to comfort them. Riff/Zack is no exception here. He makes me a drooling and slobbering mess from both ends if you catch my drift.
So the story begins around the same place it does in Rock The Heart only from Riff and Aubrey's POV's. We get to see all the sexiness that transpired between Riff and Aubrey that we missed out on in RTH. Basically Riff is a man whore because he doesn't feel like he deserves to belong to anyone because of his crazy fucked up past that shattered his soul. He blames himself for the events that have taken place in his life. Aubrey has always had a knack for finding herself in relationships with the bad boys that aren't willing to settle down. Her mom wants her to find a decent, boring, white collar man and settle down. She decides that she's going to have one last hurrah before following through with her mothers wishes. And so begins the story of Riff and Aubrey. HOLY FUCKING VAGINA CLENCHING SEX, BATMAN! The sex between Riff and Aubrey is HAAAAAAWT! You can't help but love this couple. They're amazing together. You can feel the chemistry between them. We learn about Riff's past and why he loves Oreos and now I'll never be able to eat an Oreo again without having my heart warm a little bit thinking of Riff.
So overall I give RMB 5 Stars. I'd also like to say that Michelle Valentine is one lucky bitch! I received my ARC copy 2 days before I was going to meet her at the Columbus Authors Event. I wisely chose to wait to read it until after I met her for fear that I would firmly attach myself to her leg to where not even a crow bar would remove me. She would have been stuck with me for life had I read this book prior to meeting her. Hence the reason why she's lucky. She escaped a bullet. Ask my husband.

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