Friday, July 5, 2013

A Fire That Burns blog tour

 Six years on and you’re still as in love with me as you were when you left. You never stopped loving me, you never could. You didn’t leave because you didn’t love me.”

After running from the truth for six years of her life, Austin Pearson decides it’s time to come home to life in Point Arena. What she finds is broken relationships and broken hearts and the same love that consumed her years ago.
When confronted with the love of her life, Austin has to decide between giving in, giving up or hiding all over again.
Will Tyler Armstrong be enough to crack the secrets that drove the woman he loved away when they were nineteen or are they destined to love other people? What happens when he finds himself living everyday with Austin and realising that feelings he thought had diminished flame up and take a hold of his life? What happens when fires burn brighter than ever and the secrets of the past come tumbling out?
Is love enough to get them through what life has in store for them?

Author Bio
I’ve lived actually quite a boring life- LOL – I’m only twenty-two and did all the things a normal person my age has done. I’ve grown up in a family with two brothers and my mum and always feel like I have to match up to them with my successes in life! After finishing at school, I went to University to become a teacher. That never happened! In my second year I realised I didn’t want to be a teacher, but still wanted to work closely with children. In my final year, I finally wanted to take my writing further, but I had to be realistic and so have worked as a nanny as well as kept a steady job in a shop for nearly three years. Took me until I was like 19 to find out I could actually write, took my until last year to realise I had a talent actually worth pursuing and all because I stumbled across fanfiction! Apparently that website is a godsend!


Wendy's 4.5 soaking BJ's review

OMGEEEE............WHERE THE HELL DID THIS COME FROM???!?!?!!?!!?!?!!!?!?!?  I shit you not, I wasn't expecting this AT ALL! 
So Austin has left home and returns 6 years later to reclaim the love of her life. After enduring unfortoled calamities, she decides that it's time to FIGHT for the one thing in this life that she knows she can't live without. 
Tyler has been in love with Austin for as long as he can remember, but has decided it's time to move on after she leaves him high and dry for 6 years.  

There are so many things that I can say about this story that will give most of it away, but the one thing I can't express to you enough is that this is a story all about redemption and forgiveness. I adored Austin at times and also found myself wanting to give her a seriously big ol' cunt punch. I can't believe the shit that she takes and allows to happen to her without giving voice to it. 

Tyler! OH>>>>>> where do I start???? I wanted to beat him upside his head a few times and then I wanted nothing more than to cuddle with him. You can tell right away that he's far from over his first love, Austin, but that he has a lot of inner turmoil left over and some questions he needs to get off his chest.

This story about young love and fighting their way back to each other doesn't come easy. There are some slippery roads ahead and will leave you cringing your teeth, clenching your fists and most of all getting a serious chest ache. 

I was so unprepared for some of the issues in this book, but the author does a tremendous job at  helping you weed through them, and then................BOOM! We're left hanging from the edge of a cliff.

That cliff hanger being broached, I seriously hope y'all take the time to read this book. You will not regret it! It's a truly spectacular story!  


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