Friday, August 2, 2013

Fearless by Devon Hartford


FEARLESS is the first in a series of full length novels.

At the age of sixteen, Samantha Smith's innocence was shattered in the blink of an eye. She kept the pain to herself for three years, burying her terrible secret beneath black clothes and black makeup, afraid to tell anyone. The price for her silence was the loss of her happiness and all of her friends.

After moving from stuffy Washington D.C. to laid back San Diego, where Samantha is now a freshman at San Diego University, she is determined to find new friends and reclaim her optimistic spirit. Having thrown away her goth exterior, she hopes that her new sunny look will heal her wounds.

Dreaming of adventure, she wishes to escape the humdrum middle-class existence that has repressed her fiery nature for as long as she can remember. But her parents are pressuring her to major in Accounting because it's the safe thing to do. Samantha secretly considers ditching the business major to study Art, a choice that would horrify her parents if they ever found out.

When Samantha crosses paths with a troubled, handsome, tattoo-clad bad boy, her life spins into overdrive, and Samantha finds herself juggling more adventure than she ever dreamed possible.

CONTENT WARNING: Due to sexual situations and strong language, this novel may not be appropriate for readers under 18.


Chrissy's Review:

Samantha Smith decided to move out west as far away from the east coast as possible to attend college because she's trying to escape a past she doesn't want to keep reliving. She wants to transform her life and not have to live with guilt anymore. She meets new people, one in particular being Christos Manos. Christos is also fighting a past of his own.

First things first. I started this book because it had been mentioned on our Facebook page so I tracked down the author and he ended up sending an ARC over. I was instantly drawn in by the hot guy on the cover. He kinda made my vag drool all over my legs. When I first started reading this book it started out kind of slow for me but once I got a few chapters in it started to pick up and I started really connecting with the characters. The inner monologue of Sam had me in tears from laughing so hard at points in this book. So within all the laughing that I did while reading this book I was totally fucking sidelined when I found out the part of Sam's life she was trying to hide and I had UGLY CRYING going on big time. I'm not a crier when I read. Yes, i'll have occasional tears here and there but I REALLY have to connect with the characters to be able to ugly cry. This book felt real to me. It didn't have that "this would never happen in real life" feeling to me despite some of the situations Christos saved Sam from. I loved all of the supporting characters. For fucks sake there's a character in this book that wears a monocle as a fashion statement and he's hilarious as fuck! Some of the wording in this book makes me wonder if Devon Hartford and I were separated at birth because its some of the shit that I would spew from my mouth. So needless to say the extensive vocabulary in this book is A++++  in my book. There were some questions I still have that we're left unanswered and I'm assuming those will be coming in another book but its not a "leaving me on the edge of my fucking seat I need to fucking know now" type of cliffhanger ending which I'm extremely grateful for because I would probably have to put my super stalker skills to work to track down Devon Hartford so I could strangle him if it were. I am extremely anxious to see what unfolds next though. It's definitely a 5 star read for me though. I had trouble putting it down once I started it.



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