Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Because You're Mine by K. Langston: Review and Giveaway!

Madison Waters knew exactly what she wanted to do with her life. She was already working for one of the most prestigious law firms in Boston as a research assistant, and in a few short months, she would finally graduate from Harvard and collect her law degree. Everything Madison had worked so hard for, was well within her reach.
But when Madison has to take an unexpected trip back home, she's blindsided by the one thing she'd never planned on.
Desperate to escape his wicked past, Holden Brooks moved to Madison's hometown five years ago. It was a struggle at first, but he eventually overcame the demons that nearly destroyed him back in Texas. Holden is in a good place in his life and love is the very last thing on his mind.
Everything changes the moment their two paths collide and they soon find out, fate has a plan of its own.
You never know when love will come along and change...everything.

Melissa's Review:
It had only been a few days…who does that?
When Maddison (Maddie) returns home from her intern position in a prestigious law firm in Boston to visit her ailing father, the last thing she expects is to run into sexy as hell southern charmer Holden with a smile to kill in her parent’s back yard messing with an old car and a grease rag. Those mesmerizing blue eyes peeking under that round shaped hat caught her completely off guard. This couldn’t fuckin’ be happening right now. She has a plan and a life in Boston and she fully intends to stick to that plan, right? Yes… but fate is a bitch!
Have I ever told you how much I just love a southern country boy? The gentleness of their hearts, their rough, calloused, over worked hands and the fierceness of their touch on your body? Oh fuck me….I do! And sexy as all hell Holden is no exception. Being the farm hand on the ranch, he knows about Maddie after hearing all her stories of growing up from his employer and her father Big E. He had no intentions of immediately falling head over heels in love with her because he had such a fucked up past and being the southern boy that he is would never disrespect her father. But when she showed up and sashayed her ass right in his path he realized he was a fuckin’ goner!
“Madison Waters could very well be described as every country boy’s dream.”
The pull between these two have with each other had me going insane!!! Holden’s “ya feel it don’t cha?” totally had me feeling it…everywhere! Maddie’s smart ass mouth that only had Holden falling harder left me laughing constantly. Being a southern girl this story hit home in my heart in so many ways. When it’s right…it’s right and there’s just not a damn thing you can do about it!
“I silently wondered how you could meet someone, expect nothing of it, then all of a sudden they’re right there in front of you, and they’re everything you ever needed. Everything you could hope for. Blows my mind every fucking time. You never know when love will come along and change…everything.”
Faced with the obstacles of deciding where her fate lied was the biggest decision Maddie could make. Continue her dream of being with one of the biggest law firms in Boston and following her career plan leaving behind her parents and her southern charmer Holden or staying in rural North Carolina to take heed to her mama’s words… “Love just happens. And most of the time, it happens when you least expect it” and follow her heart.
4.5 stars for making this southern chick feel every emotion that was put on paper! I blushed, I giggled and I fell head over heels in love with Holden and his sexy as hell southern twang!
This is book one in the Mine series and FUCK ME if I ain’t waitin’ on bended knee for book 2! That tiny little excerpt had me meltin’!

About K. Langston:
I've worked in property management for the last decade. Married to my soul mate and gentle giant for 12 years, the man has never been, nor will he ever be, the romantic type. However, we still have a very passionate marriage and we love each other fiercely. We have two beautiful children who drive us absolutely insane, but we love them dearly and we are certain our life would suck without them.
I love music. I have a broad range of taste so I listen to all genres, but I love country the most.
Most of my friends and family will tell you that I'm a bit loud. I take that back...I'm very LOUD. I tend to always say what others are thinking and I never sugarcoat anything.
Writing has given me the release I've been craving all of these years. An outlet to express myself the way I want to, the way I need to. It's like therapy for me and my life was forever changed the moment I typed that first line.
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