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Holding On (The Lights of Peril Series #1) by A.C. Bextor

This book is one of two and does not contain an exact HEA as the reader may expect, yet.

“You are mine. You’ve been mine since you took those training wheels off that pink bike of yours and fell at my feet. Never even cried, you didn’t. Just sat on my lap trusting that I had you. Well I have you now, baby. You’re grown up, you’re a woman, and you’re mine. Mine.”

That’s Shame. My brothers best friend and the Vice President of Lights of Peril MC. Along with my best friend Sadey, we’ve all grown up together. I don’t have a memory that isn’t surrounded by the four of us.

Years together as friends and often times in the face of adversity has led Shame, Hem, Mace, and Sadey to share their lives together now as adults.

Sadey and Mace have been best friends since they were five years old. As a child, teenager, and then young woman, Sadey longed for Hem to notice her. As years passed, she vowed to save all of herself for him with the hope that one day he would see her as the woman she was turning herself into, not just the child he remembers.

Mace and Hem are siblings that grew up in a small town in the Midwest. Sharing the same mother, Mace’s father refuses to accept Hem as his own, leading him to a life similar to that of his biological father.

Hem never set out to be President of the Lights of Peril Motorcycle Club, but when he left home at 17 to find the acceptance he was so desperate for, he ended up finding Doc. After Doc's passing Hem was determined to lead Peril into a clean existence.

The story is about love, heartache, and tragedy.

Sometimes we search our whole lives for something we think we are missing, only to find out what we had with us is what we were looking for all along.
Running from something, Mace?” He grins. “No, Shame. I’ve got Sadey in the car, and since Hem has decided she needed a reality check tonight she’s in pieces waiting for me to take her home. This is the one party she comes to and Hem has to be asshole Hem and screw it up for her. I will find him later so if you want to give him a warning, feel free. Now let's add on to that the fact that Ace has his sights set on my girl, I don’t like it. He’s a creep and another male whore around here, he’s probably as infested with STD’s as Cherry.” Oh yeah, I said it. I know Cherry isn’t as bad as Kegs, and yes I kind of feel bad throwing her under the bus here, but I wanted him to know I heard of his most recent sexcapade tonight. He doesn’t respond, probably because he doesn’t care to justify himself to the 22 year old brat in front of him that I’m being. I attempt to move him to the side, grabbing at his ribs because he’s so much taller than my 5’3 frame but I want to get through the door. Being that he’s got about 150 pounds on me, he doesn’t even flinch. Dammit. “Baby, she doesn’t belong here. Hem has been telling you and her both this same shit for years. She’s not built to withstand our lifestyle choices and I’m sorry for her but it is what it is.” He says still grinning down at me. I really do hate that sentence. ‘It is what it is’ what the hell does that mean, exactly? He’s about to continue with that smirk. “Now, Cherry on the other hand…” but oh hell no, I’m cutting off his line of thought before he voices it out loud. “Oh, and by lifestyle choices you mean landing your cock in any willing woman that enters the room. Or unwilling, I should clarify that. It’s disgusting, Shame. It is revolting. What’s worse is the woman you are landing in are even more disgusting then you doing it. For hells sake, have some pride or dignity in yourself and the Club.” I can hear the anger in my own voice, but he doesn’t acknowledge it. I just can’t not be angry at the thought of Shame and Cherry. “Let me pass.” “No.” “No?” “You heard me, Princess.” He smirks and the sparkle in the piercing on his bottom lip shines as though taunting me into wanting to know what it feels like to flick my tongue over it before taking it into my mouth and sucking on it. Okay Mace, focus. “First, don’t call me that. That’s an unwanted and unfunny joke. Hem was drunk and seriously just making shit up to hurt Greyson and piss me hell off! Second, please move. I need to get Sadey home and cleaned up. Then tomorrow I’m going to deal with Hem and his motives to hurt my best friend! Third, I wouldn’t want to keep you from Cherry. Poor girl is probably tied up in your room right now, on your bed.” The visual is gutting me but I’m making a point here. “Last, Greyson will be worried when I don’t call him soon. He doesn’t deserve to wait or worry because the animals at the zoo are all acting out.” Thank goodness my backbone appears unmoved by his gorgeous presence. Blank stare. That’s all I get? I’ve just insulted the man because I need him to move and I’m not able to do this physically. But. Here. Comes. His. Anger. Shit! He pulls his arms away from the door and comes walking towards me, briskly! I’m feverishly backing up to avoid contact when in a quick swoop, Shame has tossed his cigarette to the ground then grabbed me behind the back and my entire body is now pressed up flush up with his. God, I can smell him. Cigarettes, beer, and Shame. It’s a Mace cocktail. Order for one, please! Delicious. “You can smell me, Mace? What in the hell are you babbling about, woman?” He’s confused as he should be and I am mortified! I said that out loud? Dear God, how do I backpedal?

 Steph's Review:

Holding On revolves around the Lights of Peril MC gang, featuring Shame, Hem, Mace, and Sadey.

It is hard to write this review without giving away too many spoilers.  First of all, there is no HEA and a WTF cliff-hanger style ending. One that will make you gasp while your eyes bulge. Yep, it’s totally fucked up.  It will make your heart hurt.

The plot was good. It held my attention. Although, it was a little slow in the beginning but it got better! The characters were likeable and had some growth, although Mace got on my nerves quite a bit. Can’t really put my finger on it but she was somewhat annoying. Too wishy-washy for me.  Shame and Mace was a hot couple but I like Hem and Sadey better. Especially Sadey. There were several supporting characters too. I found Ace the most interesting. Can’t wait to read more about him! He seems like a loner but I think there’s more to him than meets the eye.   ;)

This book is the trifecta: Badass cocky bikers, drama, and hot sex.  

4 Stars

Author Bio:
I love to read! I will read anything, literally. It may be a magazine, book, advertisement or even a cereal box. Specific authors that I follow have moved me to start writing. Before long that inspiration had produced a final product that I wasn't even sure what I was going to do with. Obviously I hit publish and here I am.
Blessed with a great family that includes my husband, four kids, two dogs, and one hedgehog, I've lived in the Midwest all of my life. We currently live in a small town outside of Omaha, NE. My day job affords the ability to work from home and I've worked for the same lending company for nearly 19 years.

When I'm not reading, I try to be outside as much as possible even if it is just sitting on my deck with my reading device. I enjoy fishing, swimming, hockey games, and watching football with the family.

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