Tuesday, October 29, 2013

In Too Deep by Eliza Jane

Gifted computer hacker Taylor is in over her head.
When she transfers to the prestigious Wilbrook Academy and begins working a case with scrumptious nineteen-year-old martial arts instructor, aka manwhore, Colt, hanging out with him becomes a necessary evil to get the job done. But resisting the bad-boy that is so off limits might be more than she can manage. He's one of those guys you just know isn't good for you –he can–and often does–have any girl he wants.
The deeper she gets involved in a troubling field assignment, the more she finds herself relying on Colt. If she can just figure out how to do the right thing and not fall for irritatingly hot Colt in the process, life can go back to normal. Baby steps.
IN TOO DEEP is a mature young adult contemporary romance told in dual point of view. It is book one in a series. Book two, TEMPTED is due fall of 2013.

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Clare's Review:
 This was a fun read, young and age appropriate. Fun, sexy characters; well written. Most believable story line in the world....no. But that's part of the fun.
Taylor is a regular high school student with regular high school drama, but with more than a little knack for computers. She's recruited to a specialized school sort of like the X-Men but without super powers. I got a little confused here cause u wasn't sure if it was a government operation or private...or maybe I just felt like it shouldn't be private cause it didn't make total sense...but again, missing the point (sorry, this is how my mind works. It's a chore.)
Anyway, everyone is pretty young, even the teachers. Enter Colt, who is a super hot man-whore, waaaay beyond his 19 years. He is drawn to Taylor and her normalness. He has graduated from the program and teaches self defense (yes please) as well as goes out on assignment.
Taylor and Colt form a strong friendship, always with a sexual undercurrent that is HOT. When they start making out...yeah. I'm so there.
And Colt starts to believe he can change his whore-ish ways, but...he's got some baggage and some secrets that could tear them apart.
I was totally into this book. It's a fairly quick read. I think a little more time could have been spent, adding to the depth of the story. But the characters do come through and I thoroughly enjoyed it and I will definitely pick up book 2!
3.9 stars




“What about her?” I nod toward the bleach blonde swaying her hips alone on the center of the dance floor. She’s in skin tight jeans torn at the knees and a hot pink halter top. Just trashy enough for a one night stand with being overtly skanky. A perfect choice for him.


 He pulls his eyebrows together and shakes his head. 


“What’s wrong with her?”


He glares at me. It’s strange how expressive he is without speaking a single word. He takes another drink, draining the rest of his glass. “We are not picking out my next victim together.” He offers a sly smile. Oh, this boy is trouble. With a capital T. 

I stir the ice cubes in mine with the straw. “So who’s your choice?”

His eyes fix on mine and stay there for what feels like too long. 

I roll my eyes. “Colt, I’m serious, this is why we’re here. We need to get you out of your shitty mood, and I’ve been around you long enough to know this is how it’s done.”


He finally drops his eyes from mine, and looks around. “Fine.” He takes a deep breath and releases it slowly. I watch him scan the room. “Her.” He nods toward the bar. 

I turn around to glance in that direction, trying not to be too obvious. The girl he’s looking at is a brunette with pretty, yet plain looks, jeans, sandals and a long sleeved T-shirt. She certainly doesn’t stand out amongst the overly made-up girls trying hard to get noticed. This girl is actively trying not to be noticed if you ask me. Very little make up, hair back in a low ponytail, nothing spectacular about her. She actually reminds me a lot of, well…me. 


I reach for my drink and take another sip, fumbling with the straw. I don’t know what Colt sees in her, most guys probably wouldn’t give her a second glance, not with the busty blondes putting on a show on the dance floor.

Her?” I double check, thinking I must have the wrong girl.

His eyes are back on me. He nods.


“Why her?” I take another sip. It’s not as bad once you get used to the taste. He takes the drink from my hand, his fingers brushing past mine. 

“Not too much, little one.” He sets the drink down across the table from me. 

I squint my eyes, glaring at him.


“She’s the only one in here, besides you, who looks like a nice, normal girl. No drama. No strange ulterior motives.”

I half expect him to add disease-free. I don’t know what to make of his comment, but suddenly I’m wishing I had my drink back to distract me. After a few moments, I recover. “So go talk to her.” 


Colt looks bored. “You’re serious about this whole thing, aren’t you?”


“Uh, yeah. Obviously. Now go.” I shoo him from the table. 


Colt shakes his head, but he’s grinning. He gets off his stool, looking in her direction.

I reach out for his arm, and feign a voice of concern. “You have protection, right son?”

He rolls his eyes and walks away. Of course he does. He’s probably wearing a condom at all times, just in case. “Have fun!” I call to him, playfully and watch his backside for a few moments. Unfortunately he turns and looks back and catches me looking. He chuckles and I can’t help but blush, knowing I was just caught checking out his behind.  

It takes everything in me not to turn and watch him try to pick her up. I wonder what it would be like to have Colt’s attention like that.


After a few minutes, I sneak a glance but Colt and the mystery brunette are gone. 



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