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PROMISE ME LIGHT by Paige Weaver blog tour

Book Info:
Title: Promise Me Light
Author: Paige Weaver
Series: Promise Me #2
Available: September 24, 2013
Cover Design: Sarah Hansen of Okay Creations

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The epic conclusion of New York Times bestselling book “Promise Me Darkness”
“I’m darkness, Maddie. Stay away from men like me. You’ll only get hurt.”
At one time my life was simple. Easy. But that was before the war. Now I was no longer an average college student. I was a survivor. A woman living in a ravaged world. My future was not bright and my life was far from perfect. The war had taken so much from me… but it wasn’t finished yet. It wanted more.
It wanted my heart. My soul. The one person I couldn’t live without.
It wanted Ryder Delaney. My best friend. The bad boy. The one person who could fight like no other and love me like no one else. I watched him walk away one hot summer day and I prayed he would return. I needed him like I needed air to breathe and water to drink. Without him I was lost. A light without her darkness.
Until he returns, I’ll wait for him. And I believe he will return because love is powerful…
And so is the light calling him home.

Wendy's Review: 
Can y'all say HIGHLIGHTS??? I'm pretty sure that my ecopy of PML is full of them. 
I went crazy with the yellow throughout this entire book. 

The beginning of PML starts off where we were left literally hanging in PMD, Thank God and Paige Weaver, for that! However, I kinda wanted to throw massive amounts of sticky goop at Maddie to keep her ass in place. I found myself screaming, yes screaming, at my kindle and  getting some serious eye rolls from my oldest daughter because "Mom, it's just a book". 

*Tad bit of a spoiler here so if you haven't read Promise Me Darkness, skip ahead*

You know that Ryder has gone off in search of Eva, Maddie's best friend...well he's still not back from his hunt and Maddie is getting antsy, especially because of her "P" hormones. (She should have just told him in PMD, but dammit all to hell if Ms. Weaver doesn't make that telling interesting. )

Back to PML*
Finally when Ryder is returned home, it's with bullets in his body and a severe case of night terrors that leave his family terrified to leave him alone with Maddie. But deep down, Ryder knows that Maddie is the 'one' and he wont harm her. 

This was it. The truth. The reason we both lived and breathed. Some called it friendship. Others called it love. I just called it each other. 

At times, I felt exhausted because of the strenuous battle raging between Ryder trying to do right and Maddie trying to make him see a different right. Maddie's determination to keep going and help Ryder thru his demons is a delicate thing, but in the end made my heart do a happy jig in my chest. 

"Thoughts of you are what kept me alive," he whispered. 

It's almost like Ryder knows that he's not strong enough to pull thru, but he will. He will because Maddie keeps him in her heart. 

"She means more to me than just someone I love. Much more." 

Through darkness and battles and heartache and suffering, Ryder proves over and over again that he'll do what's necessary to keep Maddie protected, even if it is from himself. 

"Loving you is easy. It's losing you that will hurt."  

Dear God!!! Get out your tissues a big bottle of wine and a couple dozen boxes of chocolate or something sweet to help alleviate the pain. Promise Me Light is a gripping story of compassion, pain, heartache, turbulence and complete and utter devotion for the one you love above all else. 

I did have a couple of problems with this book. 
First, after reading PMD, I kind of expected more action, maybe an all out battle over the land that the family lives on. Second, I actually felt myself hating some of the supporting characters (i.e. Gavin & Janice, Ryder's brother and mom). I felt their roles were too domineering for my tastes and considered a t-bagging moment or two.  Those being said, I still rate PML 5 LIGHT UP THE HEART STARS because in the end, this was all about Ryder and Maddie's journey through a world full of turmoil and they persevered. 

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About the Author:

Paige Weaver lives in Texas with her husband and two children. Her love for books became a love for writing at a young age. She wrote her first book as a teenager and continued writing throughout the years. Encouraged by her husband, she finally decided to self-publish. Her debut novel, Promise Me Darkness, was released in April 2013 and quickly became a New York Times and USA Today bestseller. Her second book, Promise Me Light, will be released in September 2013. She is currently working on other novels to be released in 2014.

Where to creep on the author: 

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