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Double Threat by Julie Prestsater SPOTLIGHT

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So I'm A Double Threat
In this fun-filled, fast-moving young adult novel, sassy fourteen-year-old Megan Miller, and her close-knit friends, begin their four year high school journey. Expectations and hopes are high for their Freshman year. Meggie wants nothing more than to experience all high school has to offer – growing freedom, hot boys, parties, make-out sessions, and did I mention hot boys? Enter Alex Aguilar. At seventeen, he is Carver High’s sports superstar and dreamy superstud. Yet, despite the hype, Alex is undeniably sweet, and Meggie is beyond smitten. But, of course, he is a SENIOR. So, ought to be completely off limits for a ninth grader, right? Age doesn’t always dictate whom you will love, though. So I’m A Double Threat is the start of their journey. Will young love survive the challenges presented them or is friendship all they can only really hope for? Backs will be stabbed, hearts will be broken, tears will be shed. But, despite this, Meggie’s strong-willed determination, loyalty, and zest for fun, will ensure the ride is a memorable one. (This book has mature content intended for older young adult audiences.)
Double Threat My Beep Cover
Meggie begins her sophomore year with one less best friend, and a boyfriend who is over four hundred miles away. Things couldn't be worse, right? Wrong! Crappy grades, a teacher who is out to get her, and being grounded more times than she can count, double threat her bleep. With Alex being gone, Meggie relies on her girls to keep her busy with parties, movie nights, and trips to Denny's. Joining the crew this year is Travis, who is patiently waiting for Meggie to ditch her college boyfriend. While annoying at times, Travis is funny and cute, and may just provide the temptation that Meg can't resist. Confronted with gorgeous college-aged girls in his dorm, distance and typical teenage boy desires, Alex's commitment to his young high school girl is threatened. He is forced to make a decision he doesn't want to make. Can Meg and Alex survive the long distance and temptations? Should they even try? (This book has mature content intended for older young adult audiences.)
Double Time Cover
Megan Miller has done the crush thing, had her heart broken and flirted with a close friend to the point of an almost relationship. She is over the drama of her Freshman and Sophomore years and is ready to be single and to mingle. With Keesha and Steph by her side the girls are ready to rock the single hood in their Junior year. Playing the field, meeting new people, doing different things sounds like the life. But is it? What happens when you are out their working the dating scene but your heart is somewhere else, or better yet with someone else? Can you be tied down and still manage to enjoy not being attached? Meg is about to find out. Sometimes being single takes double time.
Double Threats Forever Cover
High school eventually comes to its end. After three years of broken hearts, parties, exams and fights, Megan Miller and her crew, have finally made it to their senior year. If they can manage to keep drama out of their personal lives, they are ready to rule Carver High, and show what the true meaning of being a double threat is. But, life is never that simple is it? What should have been the year of prom, good memories and more is turning out to be one of unexpected struggles. Meggie starts to crumble under the pressure of deciding what path her future should take. Her life has revolved around her friends for so long. Can she endure her final year and make wise choices that allow her to become independent and secure her hopes for forever with Alex? Are the two possible? Will she be able to choose? (This book contains mature content that is intended for older young adult audiences.)

Wendy's Review:
I need to point out that as a woman in her late 20's reading this series for the first time, I was immediately thrown back into my high school years. I HATED high school. HATED IT. But, the Double Threat series is hard to not get in to. I was hooked. 

I've never done a full series review. I'm sort of lacking in words to put for this. Lol! My advice with this series is to 
GET READING!!! And don't stop until you've read the last page of the last book. The friendships, relationships and the road to happily ever after is so realistic you'll wish you'd read them sooner.
Megan is a beautifully, smart teenager going through all the first steps in high school. She's got great friends and parents, and an awesome sense of right and wrong. There are moments, where if you're like me and older, you'll be a bit turned off by her smarmy attitude and her downright whiny complex, but the situations warrant some kind of reaction and being in high school, this is real. I can't guarantee that everyone will love this girl as much as I did, but Julie wrote Megan's character in one of the most realistic ways I've ever read. 
Alex, the hot senior that can have any girl he wants. Oh, lord!!! I remember my high school years and there was always that one guy at the top of the "food chain" that all the girls wanted. This is Alex! But boy is he worth it. His compassion and straightforwardness are a hard thing not to fall for. 
Megan and Alex build a friendship that is unmistakable in their caring for each other. But their friendship isn't the only thing they'll fight for. 
The Double Threat series NEEDS to be read. I cannot type out enough words to do this justice. Julie will hook you from the first line in the first book and from the last line in the last book, you'll wish you could read it again for the first time. 
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So I'm A Double Threat (Double Threat #1)
Double Threat My Bleep (Double Threat #2)
Double Time (Double Threat #3)
Double Threats Forever (Double Threat #4)
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So I'm A Double Threat (Double Threat #1)
Double Threat My Bleep (Double Threat #2)
Double Time (Double Threat #3)
Double Threats Forever (Double Threat #4)
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Julie is a high school teacher by day, and a writer by night. She writes both young adult and adult romances. When she's not writing, she can be found out and about with her family, reading, and watching football. As a reading intervention teacher, she prides herself on matching her students with great books to encourage them to become life-long readers. 
Julie has written five young adult books which are all available now:
The Double Threat Series
-So I'm A Double Threat
-Double Threat My Bleep
-Double Time
-Double Threats Forever
You Act So White
Julie has also written six adult romance novels:
Without You
More Than A Friend Request
Against The Wall
-Between The Sheets (Against The Wall #2)
-Straddling The Edge (Against The Wall #3)
-Playing Chase (Against The Wall #4)
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