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Senseless Attraction by Lila Rose Review and Giveaway

Three parts.
 Two points of views.
Never one to care what others think, seventeen-year-old, Mt. Henry High School student, Skylar James, is content with it that way.
That is until she's assigned her history partner, rich-boy Kane.
Being invisible at Rushton High School, is just how seventeen-year old Alexandra Harmony likes it.
That is until she's asked to tutor bad-boy Tristan.
What does it take to make opposite yet parallel lives collide
Senseless Attraction.
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 Wendy's Review:
I really love a good YA that gets me feeling something. Senseless Attraction did just that. 
Skylar is a social outcast, with her Gothic apparel and witty personalty. Aside from her dress, we could be best friends. 
Kane is at the top of the high school social ladder. Family money, looks, and the all out bad boy. 
When Skylar and Kane are assigned as class partners, two people from completely different worlds find they have more in common than you'd think. 
I totally love that Sky has a heart of gold where Kane's sister is involved. Even more than that, she's kind with a side of no-fuckery. And Kane, boy he's in heaps of mind screwage. His parents have no time for he or his sister, and his girlfriend is right up there with Cruella Deville. 
Throughout part one we get a lot of mixed signals as to where the relationship between Sky and Kane will eventually lead. But this is more than refreshing because so many books nowadays are rushing into the 'scene' of couple. 
Alexandra, the shy, nerdy girl.
Tristan, the HOTTIE, with bad boy tattooed on his forehead. 
I think the saying opposites attract is a fair statement here. These two are so far apart in the "normal" couple standards. Hence why it takes them so long. 
But there are issues in their way. Tristan's friends are assholes, Alex's best friend who's sorta, kinda, making out with Tristan. The things holding these two apart...lets just say that it's high school for me all over. 
So by this point I'm really starting to question why there are three parts in this book and how they'll eventually relate and maybe come together. However, the circumstance that finally does, was NOT expected. Yes, it's true, these four peoples lives do intertwine (thank the author for her brilliance in making us wait and guess). For a YA book, I really liked it, but when the "event" happens, I was sort of left feeling lackluster. Yes, it's a sad thing that happened, but I didn't get the emotional feeling I was craving. It almost felt like "Oh, shit! Are they ok?". I mean obviously the girls were shaken up, but there wasn't a lot of depth behind the feelings. 
By the end, I really wanted a happy ending for Kane & Sky and Tristan & Alex. I did get one, but again...MORE! I need a continuation. 
Senseless Attraction delivered all that a typical YA novel would, but I'd really like a second book. The ending was so sudden and not enough for me. 
RATING- 3.5 Whore-tastic Stars! (I struggled with this rating because I really did like this book, but Part Three set the ending to soon and lacked some depth)

Tell me about it. I wish I caught some very long lasting disease over the weekend, and then I wouldn't have to deal with being matched up with a partner in History today.”
“Yeah, hi. I'm, um, Skylar,”
I uttered looking at him for the first time.
 He was your usual jock type;
tall broadly built, short dark brown hair that hung
too long in the front, nice warm golden eyes.
Nice? Warm?
Where did I pull that from?
“Kane, Kane wait. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that.”
 I grabbed his arm to stop him.
He turned, grabbed my shoulders and kissed me.
 It was only a short kiss, but God-all-mighty
I felt it right down to my toes.
Imagine if he had of used tongue.
“And I shouldn't have done that,”
He said and continued to walk off.
 I couldn't help it, I gaped.
Was she serious?
 Me, help Tristan, with Math’s.
Me in a room alone with Tristan.
“You don't like me do you?”
 He asked.
 I paused what I was doing and looked at him.
 “I don't know you.
 Anyway, would you really care if I didn't?”
 He shrugged and stood.
 “I guess not. See you tomorrow, Alex,”
He said and left.
Tristan laughed pulling me close again into his embrace.
 “You cannot tell me that was your first kiss.”
 That made me laugh and blush.
 “Well no, but you’re the second.”
 “Hmm, I think I like that.”
 He grinned a big toothy grin which made my insides curl.
Meet The Author:
Lila Author Pic
Lila Rose lives in country Victoria Australia
with her husband and two children.
When she isn't writing she's trying to
control her mob from killing each other and helping her husband with the family business.
 Lila Has always dabbled in writing, though, only recently will have her debut novel
Holding Out released in December 2013.
 Then she'll just need to find time to bring out more from the Hawks Motorcycle Club series.
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