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Alexandria’s drug-dealing boyfriend, Joel, isn’t exactly the white knight she’s always dreamed of, but she can’t deny the crazy connection they have.
She would do anything for him, including helping him sell drugs in order to fit perfectly into his world.

After catching Alexandria dealing for Joel, instead of turning her into the cops, Alexandria’s mother forces her to move to her grandparents’ farm in West Virginia.
Spending the summer in the country, away from Joel, is the last thing Alexandria wants to do.
But lucky for her, the sexy farmhand, Landon, who helps out around her grandparents’ place, is a very nice distraction.
She tries her best to ignore her attraction to him,
 especially since she still loves Joel.

When Joel does the unforgivable, Alexandria turns to her new friend, Landon, for comfort, and it ignites an undeniable spark of attraction between them.
Soon, she finds herself caught between two very different men,
and the struggles within her heart just might end up breaking Alexandria.


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Melissa's Review:

There's always some book that you can relate to more than any other.

Some book that hits a little too close to home.

For me... it was Breaking Alexandria.

I was that rebelious 17 year old that believed that some bad boy

could fix all my problems.

What I never took the time to realize is that instead of me building him up...
he was tearing me down. 

But he was my first love.

He was my first everything.

This is exactly what happened with 17 year old city girl, Alexandria.

She allowed her drug dealing, partying, drinkin' it up boyfriend, Joel, dictate who she had become without even realizing it. 

He had been what made her whole....only she lost herself
somewhere on the way.

Once enough had become enough and her parents got tired of the path she was taking,  Alexandria was sent to live with her grandparents on their

farm in the middle of bum-fuck-egypt.

Little did Alexandria know,
 her world was about to be flipped upside down...again.

Meeting country boy and farmhand Logan didn't change Alexandria...

but rather made her realize her true self.
Logan saw Alexandria for who she was on the inside...not for who she was portraying on the outside.

There was heartache I never saw coming that had me soaking up every word like it was vodka.

There were promises made to never be broken because a good country boy just wouldn't do that.

This book was real.

This could actually happen...
and I wouldn't be surprised if this was someone's actual real life story.

This book was such a good read for me! It was refreshing and  completely different from anything that I've read lately.

4 stars


Sally's Review:

When I read Breaking Alexandria I was on one of three busses on my way to NYC with my oldest for a high school band trip.

By the time we reached our dinner stop my make up was smeared, eyes were puffy, I was almost finished with the book, and I was getting asked 1000 questions.
I explained to them that I was reading a book that I was going to be writing a review for.

Immediately a few people asked what it was about, so I gave them a description
(no spoilers of course).

 And of course they wanted to know when they could buy it.

 I told the kids that asked about it they had to ask their parents first before they bought it.  (because I'm all responsible and shit)  :)

 I absolutely loved it.

 It was written in one of my favorite ways, a laugh and cry book.

Alexandria's mom caught her selling drugs for her much older than her boyfriend Joel.

Instead of turning the two of them in to the cops her parents shipped her off to her grandparents farm in West Virginia. There she met the farm hand Landon and had an instant connection.

She totally denied it but it was there.


 What happens in the book is a little
shocking but awesome.

Very happy ending.

 I loved Breaking Alexandria, 
my newest favorite book from K.A. Robinson


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K.A. Robinson is the New York Times and USA Today Best Selling Author of The Torn Series and The Ties Series. She lives in a small town in West Virginia with her husband and toddler son. When she isn't writing, she is reading or listening to rock music.



While I had admitted earlier that Landon was cute, nothing had prepared me to see him shirtless and wet in the pool.
It was obvious that he’d dived under right before I came out. His hair was dripping wet, and water glistened as it ran down his chest and stomach. I knew I was standing there with my mouth hanging open, but at that moment, I didn’t possess the ability to close it.

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