Friday, April 11, 2014

James Holeva's Second Performance Review!!

Y'all know that your Whoreders are big James Holeva fans. He's basically us except he has a penis. A big one. Shoot, some of us met for the first time at one of his shows. The hilarity of that night would be hard to top. Ever. It was one of those nights where lifelong friendships were made, even if the other person didn't know it.
I've been DYING to get The Wingman to DC for a show, but, alas, it hasn't happened. (It will though, and I need all of you to help push for it.)
I wasn't sure when I'd get to witness such amazing dirty comedy again! I even hooked James up with a loose moraled friend and STILL couldn't get to another show.
But randomly (as my life tends to go), I was invited to NYC the same weekend as one of his shows there. I immediately made sure the girls I was meeting were ready for a dirty time. You have to use disclaimers. Then I made sure my Wingman secured us seats front and center.

And when I say front and center, I mean I was eye level with the Hard Eight, people. It may or may not have been hard to look away.

Anyway, I was a little worried wondering if the show would be funny for a second time. I thought it would be, cause I like funny, but argh! what if the jokes lost their luster? What if the crowd sucked?? Actually that would have been funny. But I was nervous!
Well, I didn't need to be. I was surrounded by smokin hot women with fake boobs (providing plenty of fodder), there was a strapping black man in a scarf behind me, and a librarian (there's always a librarian!!).
James had TONS of new material that had me in absolute tears laughing and the few jokes I'd heard before were made completely new by the crowd involvement!!
There may have even been an MC Hammer impersonation and THE MOST EPIC SPANKING EVER. I dare anyone to top it!
Check it out here:
Moral of the story: let go of your morals. Go see his show. Go see it again and again!
Moral of the story: let go of your morals. Go see his show. Go see it again and again!!! Unfortunately, so strippers ran into a pole, but since that image and sound has never left me anyway, I just pretended.

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  1. Excellent review and video clip. I've seen James perform in Boston twice. You are spot on!