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Tainted Pictures (The Photographer Trilogy #2) by Sarah Robinson Review

Tainted Pictures (The Photographer Trilogy #2)

New Adult Romance

Sarah Robinson

Kate Jackson had no idea who she was until she met Derrick Kane and their whirlwind romance turned out to be the everything she needed to build a future and heal her past. 

But a shocking crime leads Kate to uncover the work of an extremely dangerous serial killer, notoriously called “The Photographer” due to his penance for taking pictures of his victims. 

Derrick continues to work to gain back Kate’s trust and to find The Photographer as Kate builds new friendships and finds new skills. 

Can she catch The Photographer and learn to trust Derrick again?
Find out in the final book of
The Photographer Trilogy.


Clare's Review:

Oooohhhh the suspense and stomach clenching!
I had the enormous honor of beta reading this book, and let me tell you,
you won't be disappointed.
Sarah Robinson is a phenomenal writer, building you up and
developing the story, investing you in the characters. 
You pick right up where Tainted Bodies left off.
I'm an anti-spoiler reviewer, so I'm not going to give anything away.
Because I KNOW there are more people who need to pick up the first book, or who are waiting for the whole trilogy.
But you will follow Derrick and Kate reconnecting and furthering their relationship.
 Life threw them a shitful curveball and they falter.
 But you get to see their resolve and strength and humanness to overcome it.
Plus hot sex and swoony moments.
Derrick. You really bring it home.
Add the crazy psycho suspense aspect of who-dunnit and who do you trust...???
I had so many crazy theories and they're still not resolved. 
I'd like to warn, it ends at a brilliant cliffhanger.
 But it is a SUSPENSE trilogy.
 When the suspense is over, so is the story. So get a handle on it.

You'll love it.

Click it.

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