Thursday, May 15, 2014

Abbi Glines Interview and Video!!

The terminology that comes to mind when we sat down with Abbi Glines is class act. She is absolutely lovely and gracious and beautiful. She has written so many books, and while I haven't gotten to read EVERY single one, I've read and loved a lot, and started with Breathe and Because Of Low way before I ever considered blogging.

First check out her interview. We about died laughing.

Also, Abbi is the FIRST author we interviewed who said she completely outlines every book. It sits in an outline for a long time, even a whole year. And then she sticks fairly close to that.

She makes an effort to make her characters different from herself, liking things that she doesn't. For instance, she puts die hard coffee drinkers into her books, and she can't stand it.

As a matter of fact, we met a lot of non coffee drinkers in DC....I have a hard time relating...

Anywho, love love love Abbi Glines. I'm SURE you've read some of her books, if not all. As a person, she is refreshing and was a joy to talk to!

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