Sunday, May 11, 2014

Dina Silver Interview and Video Clip

When you have three of the same questions to ask 13 very different authors....well, we knew not all of them jsut wrote about sex. Actually none of them ONLY write about sex. Maybe I'm weird, but when I say sex, I do actually mean every aspect---romance, the feelings, the suspense, even just the kiss. Of course, all of these, in a perfect world, lead to the sex. Good Lord, I'm such a dude.

Anyway, we sat down with super sweet Dina Silver to talk about her books, which are (according to one of our girls----the rest of us are shamed but have them on our TBR!!) immense fun and memorably hilarious. Here's what she had to say about the sex:

You can see how wonderful and funny she is! Fortunately, this translates into her books!! I had heard that Kat Fight is based on how she met her husband, and she let us know that at the end are the Top Ten Truths within the book. Seriously, I can't wait to read. Nothing is better than real life! Except real life made better in books...which is more or less what she does! She outlines not at all and forgets the names of characters in her books. That made me laugh. Course, I can almost never remember the names of characters in books or even the title of what I'm reading. So I get it.
But this woman sits and thinks about a story...just lets it marinate in her brain...until it's all there. Then from there, it takes her about 3 months to write it all out. There's a unique genius in that, folks! I also imagine a lot of awkward silences in those 3 months....

Check Dina out! She's so very lovely and fun to be around and I, for one, have her books at the tippy top of my list!!



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