Monday, May 12, 2014

Eeeeep! Rebecca Donovan Interview with Video!!!

Oooooh, how I love Rebecca Donovan. I love her for so many things, not the least of which are her bling and her books.
You HAVE read the Breathing Series, right??? They make some of my top books of all time. Breath catching, emotional, all encompassing. Ugh. They're amazing. I maaaaay have felt a bit fan-girly to sit down with her.
First off, she handed us each a little box. I refrained from opening until later, but Dear Rebecca, Thank you for the lovely tree necklace. We will cherish. And always think of happy memories and Emma's swing. :)

The Breathing Series is an emotional journey, and it does not center around sex. Which is good, considering they are so young at the beginning. I actually really enjoyed this aspect of the books. That sex was special; it was touching. Please watch this clip for Rebecca's explanation of Emma and Evan's (and her) first time:

This series has a depth like you don't read very often. How does she do it?? Well, her stories sit in her head for a long time, and then she plots major points on a calendar to get the time frame down. She fills in the rest as she writes. However, Jonathan's story begins years before he even meets Emma, so she has calendars printed out from 2009 to keep it all straight. Wouldn't you love to see those calendars?? I want at least a picture. This may seem uber-organized, but she describes herself as a mix of creative and organized and this is how she balances it. As I live with inner conflict myself, I totally get it.

Rebecca is a sugar lover, particularly hot chocolate, and doesn't drink coffee (gasp!). While a good bit of her filters into her books, sometimes she switches it up with a chronic coffee drinker, someone who loves what she hates and vice versa. It's easier to write an emotion you know, whether that be like or hate.

But the overwhelming emotion I had after speaking to this talented woman, is love. We had a picture taken, where I may have lingered too long....unfortunately it didn't save to our phone. So I'll just have to settle for never washing my shirt again.

Check out Rebecca's, and for the love of all things sacred and sparkly, read her books!!!!

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