Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Interview with Emma Chase!!!! Video clip included!

You all know Emma Chase, right??
Creator of Drew??? Who doesn't love Drew? While I'd rather be Kate, I'd probably have been one of his skags back in the day. And when I say probably, I mean...totally. And loved every minute. Fact is...I may be a bit more like Drew than is lady-like. Or I mean, I was. Before I met my Kate. Okay so my husband was kind of a Drew as well....I'm gonna stop now.

Anyway, Emma (we're totally on a first name basis now) was our first interviewee at the DC Author Event. I was so excited to meet and talk to her. She is cute as a button and it's totally apparent that she's one of us. We had three of the same questions to ask each author, and Emma was our guinea pig to see if our expectations of entertainment were correct. We were not disappointed.

The first question we asked was: how did you feel the first sex scene you wrote? For this question only, we recorded the responses. Let's face it, it's a HUGE part of why we read romance. It doesn't have to be crude (though it sure can); it's all about the emotion. The feeling. The fun. And we wanted to know how these authors pulled that off! And how they felt about doing it. I mean, not DOING it, doing it. Anyway...

(Now, I need to do justice to Emma's interview----before she was quite done speaking, my phone, which was our video camera, began ringing. My husband and I own and operate a horse training facility outside DC, and we had a sick horse. I was getting phone calls and texts regarding his status all morning. (He's doing great.) But I do want to apologize for some of the chaos and for having to peace out mid-sentence.)

Please watch this quick and entertaining video of Emma Chase to see her answer!!

Sally picked up on the rest of the interview while I was on the phone.

We love books and the people who write them. And we wanted to learn how these books that take months, perhaps years to perfect on paper (and that we frequently devour in less than 24 hours, like a binge dieter at a Vegas buffet), happen. I love learning how the writer's mind works, and I hope you do too!

So we asked Emma a little about her process, whether she just writes as the story comes to her or whether she fully it works! Mainly she thinks of the ending first, but she always outlines. The story will sometimes change direction. I can only imagine writing as Drew...the things that would veer off course....

Have you ever wondered how your favorite authors compare to their characters and books? I totally get a kick out of learning little things like this! Emma doesn't feel like much of her is within Drew, and certainly doesn't agree with him on everything, but does see similarities between herself and Kate. And let's face it, after reading the Tangled series, don't we all wish we could be Kate, just a little bit. :)

We hope you enjoyed this little tidbit. Please visit Emma Chase on her website at

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