Friday, May 16, 2014

Interview with Jamie Mcguire plus video! #shemadetravis

Have you ever....felt like an idiot? I mean, I do a lot. I say inappropriate things so very very often. And just as often, I pay little attention to how awkward I am. I'm desensitized to it. Until I had kids, that is. Now I pause...because...I'm a mom. I said I pause. I didn't say I stopped entirely.

If you've been paying attention to our interviews (for the sake of Travis's tattoos, you have, right???), you know that our first question to each author was: how did they feel writing their first sex scene? And of course this can be a very broad question, and we've had some funny answers.

Ahem, I did not take into account asking that question in front of Jamie McGuire's daughter. Really then I just felt like an asshole. Of course, her oldest spawn has more maturity than I hold in my little finger. But that's not saying much.

Disclaimer: If I was a better blogger, I would have edited this video and trimmed it up. We have a theory that the best bloggers work in front of computers, not because they have oodles of time, but because they can sneak in amazingness between work (I would, anyway). However, 95% of the time I blog from my phone on the back of a horse. And yes, I've totally dropped it and I've almost fallen off. I take my work seriously.

So what you get today, is a little visit into my awkward little space.....and the wonderfulness of Jamie and her daughter. On a plus note, we get to plug Eden Fierce a little.

Moving on, Jamie goes into writing her stories with an idea of the beginning, middle, and end, but it always changes and she doesn't outline. Her brain is fascinating. ;)
And while a lot of herself goes into her books, she has a gift of characters coming very easily to her. She stays true to her characters, and even when they make decisions she wouldn't make, she goes with it.
This is a nice way of saying she has a whole other world (several worlds) happening in her head at all times.


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