Wednesday, May 14, 2014

KA Linde Interview with Video!

KA Linde is such a cutie patootie for writing such a wonderfully, horrifically angsty series in The Avoiding Series. Honestly, I kind of expected someone.....maybe bigger?

Here's what she said about writing her first sex scene:

Although it wasn't maybe a great story, or embarrassing, or silly, I pretty much love that she cool. 'Yeah, I write hot stuff. It's all good.'

She also told us that she's a total "pantser" when she writes, and the story frequently changes as she goes.
Something I particularly loved that she said, is that she purposefully tries to give characters likes that she hates! I laughed. But it's really genius. You get to live a different life through your characters and explore all sorts of things! For instance, she hates peppermint, but do you remember that Ramsey smells like peppermint?? It's ok, he's still hot. I'd sniff him.

Check KA Linde out! She has all this new stuff flying our way, plus The Avoiding Series is NOT to be missed. If I hurt, you hurt. That's that.

You can look up all her books there and get all kinds of fun info!

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