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Victory RUN 1,2 &3 by Devon Hartford

So my review for this series is going to be a little bit different than normal. The first two books will have my full reviews following the covers of each book and then the buy links after each review. The third book I'm using my commentary while I was reading as a review, followed by the buy links and then at the very end I have my overall review. 

Victory Run 1:

When I grow up I want to be Victory! Who doesn't love a true rock chick? If the answer is you than you cant be my friend since I happen to be a rock chick. I love that every real life band, musician and/or song mentioned in this book I didn't have to google because I already knew who they were. I guess it just made it an easier connection for me that way. Not that I doubted I would have trouble connecting with anything Devon Hartford wrote because he's kind of awesome and his writing style has always captivated me. 

So here's the thing. I normally hate serial novellas because I want to whole story at once instead of just teeny tiny tidbits only to be left with a cliffy that could rival that of the Troll Wall in Norway (that's Europe's  highest cliff, if you're not a knowledge nerd like myself.) ANYWAYS. Here are my reasons why I overlooked my dislike of novellas. Victory Run 1 was short and quick and there wasn't a whole lot of sweet which can be a much needed break from the frilly lace, rainbows, sunshine and unicorn farts that I'm used to reading in romance. Victory is a guitarist in an up and coming band, her boyfriend is the lead singer and he's a controlling jerk and then BAM she's out of the band and without a boyfriend but then there's Kellan. Kellan and Victory have this magnetic connection. There's something between them but the book doesn't last long enough for all that. There are glimpses that something traumatic happened to Victory and it happens just enough times to make you want to know what the actual fuck has happened. And a major plus to this book is that there is no Kilimanjaro cliffhangers. But It does leave you wanting more. Okay, on to Victory Run 2.  I'll be back in awhile to give you my thoughts on that. 

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Victory Run 2:

*sigh* okay so it's 11pm and I should be going to bed because I have evil little demon children. (only good parents will understand this statement. All other don't judge me.) but here's my dilemma. I. Don't. Want. To. Stop. Reading. Again Devon provides just enough information to keep me intrigued without getting bored or having a heart attack at the age of 32 because of an epic cliffy. That shit is real, Folks! It happens! I'm still wanting to know what the hell is going on with Victory and her reasons for not wanting to sing. Not even a glimpse of an answer. However now we know...maybe. I don't know I'm just guessing here, why Kellan is a manwhore.  Or we kind of know anyways. I'm going to need more on this development STAT! And Julien. I want to like him but I don't. Yet. Obviously he's barking up the wrong tree if he's interested in Victory. Because she's not for him. Anywho! Leave me alone. I have plans to stay up all night to start and finish Victory Run 3. I'll catch back up with y'all in a bit. 

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Victory Run 3: 

Damn it! So I literally just opened up VR3 on my kindle... This is no novella. *sigh* No rest for the wicked I guess. I shall read until my kindle smacks me in the face because I'm on a need to know basis with Victory and Kellan right now. 

Okay, well obviously I was more tired than I thought last night I only made it about 6% in before I fell a sleep. I did dive straight in as soon as I woke up this morning and I'm at about 25% right now and I have so much to say about that 25%. For starters there has only been one moment of interaction between Victory and Kellan and the sexual tension is freaking RIDIC! I literally want to dive inside Devon Hartford's head and rewrite a sex seen in there somewhere for these two, poor, orgasm-deprived characters. And still Julien has me intrigued. I mean I know there's no chance that Victory and Julien are meant for each other but fuck! I kinda like the guy now. Alright, back to reading. The white Fender made an appearance again and I need to go find out what happens. Maybe I'll give you some more of my thoughts and feedback around 50%. We'll see if I can peel myself away from the pages long enough though. 

33%: I would just like to stop and say that there are a lot of really good deeds in this series. People helping a complete stranger just because, etc. it's refreshing to read because it does happen in real life but it's almost never written about. People like to focus all of their energy on the bad things in their lives when little good deeds happen all around them. It's nice to see some focus on good deeds. Okay, I'm done being all weird and gushy. I'm going back to reading. 

50%: have I mentioned that I love Victory? She's a badass. A little naive at times but really she's hot and has a plethora of hot men. And a right hook. Yes she's definitely badass. And her dad is a fucking hoot! The sexual tension between Kellan and Victory though. Christ! I want to rub one out in honor of their sexual tension. Maybe it will make them feel better. Kidding! Or am I? 

60%: Fucking Julien! Stop being charming! Kellan has just gotten his shit in order and now Julien is being all charming and hot.  

70%: Grrr! Scott just fucked up a moment! A fucking moment! 

76%: Surprise! Scott fucked up another moment without even knowing. But better than that...SHIT JUST GOT DEEP! Go away and quit distracting me while I'm trying to read. 

96%: holy shit! Shit just got real up in here, yo! Fuckin Giselle. Fuckin Julien. I don't like him anymore. Whew! Devon Hartford, I only have 4% left to read you better not disappoint! Still I mean I'm basically like the non-musically inclined version of Victory so I have confidence here but my heart beat is beating about one thousand beats per second right now. 

100%: MOTHER FUCK! Okay I like the way it ended.  it literally kept me waiting till the very end to hear what I wanted to hear! Or read what I wanted to read. Whatever. We're not getting technical here. However there was a huge Troll Wall on the sex! I want the sex damn it! *sigh* I just want to have pretend book sex with Kellan. Is that so much to ask for? I think not! Side Note: directed at Devon. YES! Yes I want more! Get to writing now! Please and thank you! 

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Okay, so all in all I REALLY loved this series and I need more like yesterday. I can not wait to see what else Devon has to bring us in the future with Victory and Kellan. I still have a lot of unanswered questions with them and I know I more than likely have a couple more near heart attacks with their relationship but I can be patient for a short time until I get more. I'm content with what I've been left with. The series itself provides you with badassery, humor and sorrow and leaves you on the the edge of your seat at times... Like that last 4% of the book. I would give 4.5 stars to the series. 

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