Monday, August 11, 2014

Smoldering by Tiffany Aleman 5 Star Review and Giveaway!!

I got burned with this book and I loved it. ~ R.D. Cole

Tiffany Aleman’s new stand-alone Smoldering is just that! HOT! The connection between Riley and Kelsey is explosive. Smoldering is a story about letting your heart lead you to happiness. I couldn’t put it down. ~ Kaylee Ryan

A girl searching for herself, a slimy politician and a hot military man all collide in this fantastic debut romance by Tiffany Aleman. ~ Ilsa Madden- Mills, Amazon Bestselling Author

Money ~ power ~ fame


Growing up in the arms of one of the wealthiest families in America, I lived a champagne lifestyle and never wanted for anything.

That life came with stipulations…
1.            Marry the man I don’t love.
2.            Make my parents proud.


I left my Manolos and fancy apartment behind and fled that life to find out who I really was.

Someone unexpected bulldozed my life.

Riley Jackson

He was the man everyone, including me, wanted, but his future was one I wasn’t sure I wanted to thrust myself back into. And when he chose a career over the family business, his family supported him instead of pushing him away.

My past collided with my future.
I didn’t see it coming. If I had, I would’ve ran far, far away.

Now I’m stuck in the same position I started in two years ago, except this time, it’s not my decision to make.

Loyalty to your family? Loyalty to your own happiness?

Which would you choose?

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Clare's Review:
Holy shit. I can't stop crying. Blubbery, sobby, happy tears. 
This book is so much more than I expected. It's hot and sexy, like its cover and name and teasers. I knew it would be good.
But the STORY. So heartfelt, SO much feeling, so much soul. There are so many facets to it, I couldn't put it down and my stomach hurt and my heart hurt and I didn't know how it was going to turn out and GGAAAAAHHHHH.
You will ADORE Kels. Adore her. She's so strong and funny and flawed.
And Riley. Fucking Riley. Well...I'd like to...
Right? You know where I'm going. You'll want to as well.
Holy shit grab this book as soon as you can. This books has something for everyone to love, no matter your mood. Phenomenal.
5 stars. At least.

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