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Luck of Love Excerpt, Review and Giveaway!!!


Blake Riley thought she could leave her traumatic past behind when she left for college. Starting a new life and moving forward never sounded so good. Living carefree with her best friend in Ocean City New Jersey gave her the freedom she had always hoped for.

But sometimes life isn’t so carefree.

When Blake finds herself torn between the affections of two men, emotions that have been buried for years will be exposed. Derrick, a powerful CEO of a popular casino resort, instantly captivates her. Being drawn into his domineering passion, she bares herself to him in a way she least expected. With Landon, a successful attorney, she can be someone new; someone free from her haunting past. Each man evokes a different side of Blake. As both relationships grow stronger, walls will slowly begin to crack.

What will happen when the past slowly creeps its way into the present?

With two worlds filled with secrets and lies, it’s only a matter of time before they crash and truths are revealed.

The place is buzzing with conversation when the lights dim.  All talking comes to a low whisper when the President of the University takes the stage.  Standing behind the podium, with his arms resting on the sides, and his hands gripping the edges, he clears his throat.

“Thank you all for coming out today.  As you all know, this is a two-day seminar for the Business department.  The seminar is mainly going to focus on the do’s and don’ts, the pros and cons, and the importance of advertising and marketing.  This seminar will be highly beneficial for those who are focusing on a degree in either of these fields.  Either way this seminar is going to be loaded with very useful information.

“Now I know you all are wondering whom our guest speaker is.  We have been keeping it secret, but I think you’ll thoroughly enjoy him.  At thirty-two years old, he is one of the most sought after CEOs in the country.  Everyone please put your hands together in helping me welcome Mr. Derrick James, CEO of Atlantic Knight’s Resort.”

Looking around clapping my hands, I see almost everyone is wide eyed and filled with excitement.  The girls next to me are bouncing around like dogs begging for a treat.  Not understanding what all the fuss is about, I lean over towards Dean and quietly ask, “Who is Derrick James?” 

Just as I ask my question, I hear Dean mutter, “No fucking way.”  Looking back at the stage, my jaw drops and I’m rendered speechless.  Dean leans towards me and whispers, “Wasn’t he in the bar the other night?” Nodding is all I can do to show I heard his question.

Waving to the audience as he makes his way to the podium, he’s in what looks to be a very expensive custom tailored black suit.   Wearing a white shirt, he has a perfectly folded handkerchief that matches his red tie placed in his front breast pocket.  Oh, what I wouldn’t give to run my fingers through his slick back, styled hair.  Now I can see why the girls next to me were acting all giddy.

Standing in front of the podium, he scans the room waiting for the cheering to quiet down.  As he begins to speak, he makes sure to give equal amounts of attention to each section of the auditorium.

“Thank you all for attending what I’m sure is going to be a very educating experience.” Glancing back over at the President he says, “And thank you Mr. Davidson for having me.” Looking back out over the crowd, he scans the room until his eyes connect with mine.  Not missing a beat he continues, “I’m honored to be here today.  I hope that, with all of my education and my own personal experiences, I can pass on to all of you some particularly useful information.” As he continues with his speech my eyes stay glued to his.  As much as I want to look away from him, I can’t.  It’s very sexy watching him stand on that stage demanding the crowd's attention.  His words are lost on me as he continues to speak.

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About Tiffany
I am 27 years old, with a wonderful family. My husband is in the Army, and we have two wonderful children. Ashley and I have been best of friends since we were 13. I recently graduated from South University with my Associate's Degree as a Paralegal. I enjoy listening to music, playing with my kids, and going to the beach, and anything that has to do with the outdoors pretty much.
I’ve always liked to write, but never really had an interest in reading until the summer of 2012. I am so excited to be taking my writing journey with Ashley, and we cannot wait for everyone to get their hands on Luck of Love, which is the first installment in the Luck Series. I have many authors that I consider my favorite so I’ll just name a few: E.L. James, SC Stephens, Molly McAdams, Rebecca Donovan, K.A Linde, Marie Coulson, and S.H. Kolee. 

About Ashley
Ashley grew up in Texas but now has joined her husband to reside in North Dakota. She is a military wife and mother to two adorable children.  She’s always wanted to travel having grown up in a small town. Her interest in reading sparked last summer and now she’s a lost cause without her e-reader.  Since she loves to travel, the places she gets to go in her fictional books are what any girl could ask for.
When Ashley isn’t glued to her computer you can find her outdoors either playing with her children or relaxing and enjoying the sun reading a good romance novel.

Wendy's 4.5 where the fuck did this come from stars!!!

Ahh, Blake. Where should we start with Blake. I was concerned with how my feelings started out towards Blake right from the beginning. She practically calls herself bitchy and while I'll be the first to admit to being a super bitch, I'd almost rather not read about one. However, I do love a strong, independent woman and while Blake is all of those things considering her past, she definitely has a right to be a bit of a bitch.

Blake and Dean are best friends, I mean in a strictly platonic BEST FRIENDS type of friendship

 I love this friendship! I have my own personal opinion on a boy/girl friendship and this pretty much sums it up. These two are honest and caring and share an incredible bond. Dean is a stand up guy.

Both Blake and Dean work at
 and it's here where Blake sees HIM!

 He's tall, lean, and the most attractive man I've ever seen
I'm so excited because I can feel something coming
 Meet Derrick! *SWOON*

Fire and Ice got noting on these two and their first meeting. There's just something about Derrick that puts Blake on the edge. It's definitely an explosion waiting to happen. But, will they see each other again? hmmmmmm

Enter Landon, Dean's family attorney and friend. The ultimate, -

 Does he dare give up his wild ways of

  A small part of me wants to care that she has a boyfriend, but that's only because I have some morals. For the most part-I don't care. I want nothing more than to make her mine.

But, Blake has put up walls around herself. She's got something from her past that she can't seem to let go of, and while Dean has been her rock, can she learn to trust Derrick and/or Landon?

Landon and Blake have something. A spark maybe? I don't know, but it's there and a little emotional for me because I'm torn between these two really great guys. Okay, I like a bad boy (Landon) and I like a dedicated guy (Derrick) so I just can't decide. I don't think Blake can either at this point, -

  I want to laugh until I cry, be carefree without hesitation, love like there is no tomorrow, survive a heartbreak and know that I will have the strength to love again.

And then,
 Will you be with me tonight?

 I'm going to do things to your body that nothing else will ever compare. When your body aches, I'll be the only one to relieve the pain. When you're starving, I'll be the one to satisfy your appetite. And when you feel like you can't breathe, I'll be the oxygen you need.



 I can't tell you which one of the guys gets the nookie on, I hate to be a spoiler, so YOU HAVE GOT TO READ THIS BOOK! I will however warn you that at the end I was

and a little bit of this

and a whole lot of FUCK ME!!!!


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