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Welcome To Sugar Town



Ana Belle never wanted anything more than to hang up her apron, jump on her Vespa and ride off into the sunset, leaving Sugartown in the dust.

Elijah Cade never wanted anything more than a hot meal, a side of hot arse and a soft place to lay his head at night where he could forget about his past.

But you know what they say about wanting: you always want what you can’t have.

Nineteen year-old virgin Ana is about to discover that’s not quite true because a six foot three, hotter than hell, tattooed, Aussie sex god just rode into town. He’s had a taste of her pie and he wants more– no really, Ana bakes pies for a living, get your mind out of the gutter.

She’d be willing to hand over everything tied up in a big red bow, there’s just one problem; Elijah has secrets dirtier than last week’s underwear. Secrets that won’t just break Ana’s heart, but put her life at risk, too. When those secrets come to light, their relationship is pushed to breaking point.

Add to that a psychotic nympho best friend, an overbearing father, a cuter than humanly possible kid brother, a wanton womanizing cousin, the ex from hell and more pies than you could poke a ... err ... stick ... at.

And you thought small towns were boring.

Welcome to Sugartown.

-           Content Warning. Intended for a mature 18+ audience. Contains explicit sex, violence, oodles of profanity and a crap-tonne of AWKWARD.


Welcome to Sugartown Trailer:
Clare's Review:

This book was one of the biggest turn ons ever. Elijah....oooooohhh Elijah. You can call me babygirl any time!!! I had to keep stopping reading to text my fellow book whores with how horny I was. It also created some epic chapsnatch opportunities.
But it wasn't just hotness! The book was fantastic! The story was believable and encompassing and I never wanted to put it down, except when I felt I needed to....take care of some stuff...
Ana is fantastic. She's funny and witty and loving. And her best friend, Holly, well...EVERYONE will love Holly. You'll see.
This book had me laughing from the beginning, squirming in my seat through most of it, and held my heart the entire time. There are some painful and heart wrenching parts that will leave you breathless. It is SO worth adding to your TBR list and I cannot wait to read more!
5 stars

Melissa's Review
You know THAT term of endearment of that makes your heart melt and your panties dampen just a little more when you hear it? Yeah...THAT word. Well for me it's baby girl. I don't care what context it's being used in. You can swoon me and tell me you love me, tell me that dinner was fabulous or be pulling my hair and smacking my ass. So long as you use those words...I'm all putty in your hands. Elijah liked to use this term. A LOT. Let's just say that he had played himself into my dreams at night whispering baby girl into my ear and I've woken up all breathless and um...well...we don't need to get into that :)

Elijah had a hard life growing up. He'd been through the shit...a few times and all he wanted was to get to a place and have a little bit of normal outside of the crazy world he had been living in.

Ana is a small hometown girl where everyone else knows your business before it even happens and where all the gossip takes place at the only gocery store in town and one situation can be twisted like kindergarten kids playing the old telephone game. I hate this for her.

Holly is Ana's BFF and one crazy as hell bitch that kept me laughing throughout this entire read!  As Ana stated she has "more personality than a whole ward of mental patients" and Elijah believes she "may be as freaking crazy as a monkey on  meth."

 Sam is Ana's little brother that talks with a lisp and is cute as all hell! "Whath a huthy?" <--- how can that not crack you up!!!

Just when you think you know what's going to happen next in this book and with which character...WHAM! NOT EVEN CLOSE!!! The twists are turns are insane and kept me wanting so much fucking more!
THE MOVIE SCENE....OH.MY.GOD!!! THE MOVIE SCENE! Just pull your vibrators out now! SWEET JEEZUS!!!

Definately a 4+ star read for me!

Author Bio:

Carmen Jenner is a thirty-something author, doctor, pilot and CIA agent.

She's also a compulsive, flagrant prevaricator who gets to make things up for a living.

While Sugartown may not technically exist, Carmen grew up in a small Australian town just like it, and just like her characters, she always longed for something more. They didn't have an Elijah Cade, though. If they did, you can be sure she would have never left.



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  1. Thanks for a hilarious review, Clare! And sorry about the ... er ... chapsnatch? ;)
    Glad you enjoyed the book! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

    1. We renamed Snapchat as Chapsnatch. It was an accident the first time, and then we just was a better name! Lol!
      Loved the book!