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Conflicted Love (Needle's Kiss, #2) by Lola Stark

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 Conflicted Love (Needle's Kiss, #2)
Lola Stark
Release Date:
 January 2014
Romantic Comedy/ Erotica
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(Conflicted Love is book #2 in the Needle's Kiss series
 and should be read AFTER Tattered Love to fully grasp the story.)
Trip’s life motto is simple: get in, get off, get out.
His lifestyle works for him, that is until he finds himself in an unexpected situation with the one girl he can't seem to get out of his mind.
Teeny has been strong for too long. One amazing crazy night, with her best friend's cocky colleague, leaves her with more than just unwanted feelings and cravings she just can’t seem to quench.
She's knocked up.
He's freaked out.
Life is about to get crazy for two people who can't stand to be close, yet can't seem to pull apart.
Tension and confusion turn into mood swings and midnight snacks.
How can things ever go back to simple times when every direction leads to chaos?

Clare's Review:
I kind of can't believe I'm saying this, but I liked this even more than Mace
and Scar's story! I'm sooooo into Trip. He's hot as hell and Teeny is a riot!
This story picks up right where Tattered left off. It alternates POV again and I
love how it's done. You get to go on the ride of your life through Teeny's
pregnancy, Trip manning up, and the two of them figuring their shit out.
First they need to deal with all the baby daddy and baby momma stuff. Then they
have to figure out getting closer but protecting their hearts! They try to be so
cool and chill and carefree, but keep falling deeper and deeper for each other.
It'll hurt your heart in spots but I also SERIOUSLY laughed out loud in so many
And then the lust and the hotness!! Holy smokes!! It's so hot! Hot pregnant sex.
H. O. T.
I love when guys get all lusty for a pregnant chick. If you've ever been
pregnant, you'll understand that you need that feeling!! Hot.
You need to read these books! You'll be lusting for tattoos and piercings (one
of the whore-ders may or may not have had something pierced whilst reading these
books), and you might get pregnant. But it'll be hot and worth it!
(Disclaimer: no Whoreder got pregnant while reading these least that
we know of.)
5 stars!!!
I threw my leg over my bike and started for her. The streetlight out front was busted, causing the place to be darker than normal. There was just enough light that as I walked behind her, I could see her sexy little ass encased in those prissy jeans she always wore. I caught up to her at the bottom of the stairs and reached out to grab her arm before she made it any further. Next thing I knew, Teen spun, her fist flying right into my nose; at the same time, she drove her knee up into my groin, dropping me like a sack of shit to the ground.
“F*ckkkkkkkk” I moaned, cupping my junk, rolling up onto my knees, and trying to get my breath back. Pain shot up into my stomach with each attempt.
“Oh, it’s just you.” Teeny breathed hard. I looked up at her through narrowed eyes.
“Oh, it’s just…F*ck, Princess. What the hell’d you do that for?” I wheezed.
“Well, you deserved it. You don’t sneak up behind a chick and expect not to get hit. Now, get up, dipsh*t. You’re making a scene,” she hissed, looking around the complex.
Conflicted Love (Needle's Kiss, #2)
Clare's Review:
What to say ? Errrr…
Lola hates all things sultanas.
Lola is a little strange and unusual.
Lola has no brain-to-mouth filter (this may or may not have gotten Lola into trouble – repeatedly).
Lola is keeping Coca-cola in business one 2lt bottle at a time.
Apparently, Lola likes to talk in the third person about herself.
This here is what my profile says everywhere:
Lola Stark lives in Australia, Is an at-home mummy with no filter, raising a hoard of minions. Lola has loved to read for as long as she can remember. When not wrangling the family, she can be found sitting at her computer, writing, facebooking or just generally messing around.
I know, I know third person again.
So what else can I tell you about me ?
I have a dog, 3 birds and a pet rock. I was a teen mum (DON’T DO IT). Right now, I’m alternating writing this and yelling at my kids to stop jumping on the bed and to go the fuck to sleep before I push them off. I may be a little.. okay, very inappropriate…often.
Junk food and I have an understanding: I eat it, it hibernates around my ass and thighs. I love music, almost any kind is fine by me.
I love fiercely and I'm protective of those that mean something to me, this has gotten me in trouble more times than I can count. I cuss like a sailor and sometimes smell like one too (hey now, McJudgy, you can’t shower, brush your teeth or hair if you’re in the middle of writing a book).
I make a mean potato-layer bake and I have slight road rage. I struggle not to laugh when my kids are inappropriate and say screwy shit. I don’t really like people…I’m that creepy chick who sits in the corner till she has a booze buzz going on, then I’m as loud as fuck. I have an addiction to shoes. I smoke like a chimney.
So that’s me!
I’m screwy and funsized (it’s not called short anymore).
You’ll either love me or hate me, but I am always just ME!

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