Monday, May 19, 2014

Interview with J Armentrout plus video!!

Aaaahh!!!! J. Armentrout. We have huge affection erections for her. And even more so now!! Lady Boners even viagra could never manufacture. She's beautiful and lovely and super down to earth. We could have hung out a little longer, and if our phones weren't acting craptastic, we'd have a super cute photo of her. Instead, we have this great video. Watch!!

We already know she's a genius, but now we know she flies by the seat of her pants with nothing but a general outline for all her amazing books.

She tries to keep herself out of them, actually. But it's kind of impossible because she's clearly a smart-ass, and it's really hard to keep smart-assness at bay. However, she has a filter (boo), while her characters get to leave that pesky characteristic behind. How fun. At least she can live vicariously, and so can we!
Check out Jennifer and her books!! Read them!!

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