Sunday, May 18, 2014

Wendy Higgins Interview and Video!

Confession: I haven't read Wendy Higgins' books. I don't typically fall into the YA category, let alone PN, although if they're really good, I do love them! Sitting down with Wendy and asking our first and infamous question ended up giving us an insight into her books and let me tell you...I WANT TO READ THEM SO BADLY!!!!! Seriously, watch this and you will too!

Plus, I quickly became a huge fan of Wendy as a person. How could you not?! She has written an incredibly fascinating series and never outlined it! The first story, she wrote out of order and pieced together and admits that was not the easiest way to do things. With her others she forced a general plot.
While she feels that you will find bits of her in her books, the main character in the Sweet series and her connect for sure. Anna is the kind of girl you want to be friends with; sweet and compassionate. I've read the blurbs on these books, as well as Wendy's other works and they looks seriously fabulous. I just read them again when I went to copy links, and I'm all fired up for them again. First opportunity, these are first on my list!
See for yourself!

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