Thursday, May 8, 2014

Luke Young Author Interview and video!

I have a shameful, shameful confession. I have not read a Luke Young book. Have you read Shrinkage or the Friends With Benefits series?? It looks amazing and has been on my TBR. It's now moving up! I love that Luke was the only male writer in a sea of estrogen. He completely held his own and brings something different and honest to the whole scene!

Check out this clip of him answering our question of how he feels writing sex scenes. He's such a dude. I want to meet his wife.

Clearly, men and women think differently. It's why we work so well together! Or...not. :)
When Luke sits down to write, he thinks of situations in his own life, or his friend's lives, things that happen on cruises with his wife, and bases his stories on them. Note to his may end up in a compromising position! Oh let's face it, I totally want to be friends!
Luke's books start as scenes in his mind. Frequently out of order, but the scene is there. Once the scenes are written, he uses an outline to fill in and connect the scenes. That's not his favorite part, but it's necessary know...write a book. And it's evident that he's figured out how to do this by his rave reviews and fan base.

I, for one, cannot wait to get started! (pssst, he has a special spicy pen name for a dirtier version---Ian Dalton----I'm going for that one first.)

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